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Installation system

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One-stop solution for stainless steel decoration

Connection joint line comparison



With multiple advanced precision sheet metal equipment, our stainless steel honeycomb panel are formed by secondary bending. And bending angle is definitely close to 90 degrees which can be seamless installed

Traditional aluminum plate cannot be bent to 90 degree due to their low hardness and a large gap will be left during installation and splicing

Substrate material comparison



Because The air layer between the two panels is separated by honeycomb into multiple closed ports.The propagation sound waves and heat is greatly restricted. So it has good sound Isolation and thermal isolation properties together with excellent fire, moisture and corrosion resistance.

The installation of traditional stainless steel veneer is done with a Plywood substrate. So it is not fire proof after installation. After a certain time,The plywood substrate will become corrosive. And it does not have the performance of sound isolation, heat isolation, and heat prevention.

Surface treatment comparison with aluminum panel



Stainless steel can be customized according to the design requirement of customers, the color of the product is iron, cody, including browns, red ancient gold, rose gold, titanium, gold, champagne, gold, shepherd, blue, brown gold, black titanium, and so on.

Traditional aluminum plates can only be surface treated by spraying the surface treatment. So it does not have the wide range of selection like stainless steel. Also its surface brightness is not as good as stainless steel.

Installation system comparison



Our stainless honeycomb panels uses aluminum brackets  which are easy to install and greatly safe labor cost and time, and can be repeatedly disassembled and transferred to other projects.

The traditional stainless steel veneer process is complicated requesting wood workers. It creats high labor costs and long installation period. And it has a coordination difficulty.

Surface flatness comparison



It consists of many dense caricom fixed to each other. The honeycomb can distribute the pressure to all directions of the panel and make the panel evenly stressed in order to ensure its strength to withstand pressure and maintain a high degree of flatness over a large area.

During installation it is glued with glass glue or other glue. It is difficult to achieve  uniformity in the application process and there will be uneveness. After stainless steel panel is attached, it will be uneven if it is a mirror surface, the deformation will be more with light reflection. After a long time, the viscosity of the glue drops and becomes more severe.

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