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A 300㎡ personality home for IT-stylish men, look at the brand-new lifestyle of cool new humans.html.

▲ Leisure time with a cup of hand-brewed coffee Gym Because the owner loves running and sports, we set up a 10-square-meter mini fitness area in the space, and chose orange VESCOM texture wallpaper on the wall, and also made a letter sticker on the glass to echo the orange theme to emphasize running Sports theme. At the same time, we also used stainless steel laser engraving technology to set up a Nanma (Nanjing Marathon)-themed installation painting on the wall, which is also a small idea that both the owner and we like very much. For the design of the aisle, we borrowed the design inspiration of the exterior wall of Ronchamp Church by Le Corbusier, and used colored glass bricks of different sizes and combinations as wall decorations, reflecting different colored lights in the sunlight and spilling them into the interior. ▲Creative glass brick wall from Ronchamp Church ▲Nanma installation painting customized for owners who love runningUsing "stainless steel honeycomb panel" as the base material, Crazy Metal has developed "stainless steel shaped walls, stainless steel hanging column, stainless steel partition chandeliers, and stainless steel DIY cabinets" suitable for high-end projects.

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