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Advanced Restaurant Stainless Steel Engineeri

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Stainless steel engineering processing is generally widely used in high-end restaurants, star hotels, clubhouse and other advanced venues#CrazyMetal#Stainlesssteel

Stainless steel project processing is generally widely used in high-level restaurants, star hotels and clubs.

The project is located in Chengdu International Financial Center, Sichuan. The designer is designed by refining Thai Royal Palace architectural style.

Project Stainless Steel Engineering uses brushed titanium and frosted titanium as surface processing processes

Fitting the special golden brilliant building charm of Thai Palace。

Ceiling and ceiling decoration use stainless steel as a dotted to make space details, it seems that it is just that the madness metal stainless steel has 13 years of stainless steel engineering experience, professional as a star hotel, a high-level meeting, a high-end restaurant, a real estate Superior places provide stainless steel engineering processing custom services.


Crazy Metal:

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