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Advantages and production processes of stainl

The advantages of stainting stainless steel screens, many people think of definitely fire, environmental protection, and modern process, in fact, in addition to these benefits, there are many unique advantages that we don't know. This…

The advantages of stainting stainless steel screens, many people think of definitely fire, environmental protection, and modern process, in fact, in addition to these benefits, there are many unique advantages that we don't know. This and stainless steel screen special production process has a great relationship. Everyone knows that the stainless steel screen is customized, because different use environments require different styles, size, raw materials, etc. There are many factors that need to be considered, only customization We can truly meet all the needs of our customers. The following crazy metal stainless steel will detail the advantages of stainless steel screens and production process characteristics.

Advantages of stainless steel screen

1, color optional multi-stainless steel screen color variety, if you biased modern stainless steel screens we can choose to have rose gold, champagne gold, black titanium. If you like a thick feeling, you can choose bronze, green dish, red bronze, imitation brass, etc., of course, the color of the stainless steel screen can be processed is not only these kinds. After all, the darkness of the color is adjustable.

2, the style is multi-use for traditional screens, the style is small, the color is monotonous, and the cleaning and maintenance is difficult, mainly from separation, furnishing, windshield, shielding. Stainless steel screens, generally used stainless steel 201,304, plate, flat steel processing welding, with the continuous development of science and technology, the styles of the partition screen are novel, noble, colorful, used in home decoration, beautification Space, and waterproof and fire, easy to clean;

3, stainless steel partitions built-in structure, reuse: all connections and fixation are completed inside the product, and detachable, reuse. Wires can be made inside the frame. No need to put the wall to be embedded, the maintenance of the wire is more convenient, and the strong weak electric separation is made.

4, the stainless steel screen is very high, not easy to occur, so his service life is also very high. After all, stainless steel is one of the highest strength materials in the metal material of the building. In addition to its own characteristics, stainless steel screen does not produce corrosion, pixment, rust or wear, because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so it enables the structure The components are permanently maintaining the integrity of engineering design. Need to meet the needs of architects and structural designers to maintain long-term durable effects。

Stainless steel screen production process characteristics

Stainless steel screen: Stainless steel plate laser hollow cutting screen and stainless steel pipe welding screen.

1 Stainless steel plate hollow screen process, is a direct laser cutting of the stainless steel plate cutting the floral pattern or grate, the surface is flat, and there is no burr.

2 The stainless steel pipe welding screen has two processes; one is a seamless process, one is a seamless process. The seamless process is to see the cutting 45 degree angle on the front of the screen, and the seamless process is from the entire appearance, and the solder joint can not be seen.

Note: Stainless steel tube welding + polishing + plating formation. Color stainless steel series such as: sand, drawing plate, 8k mirror panel, titanium plate, rose gold plate, champagne gold, imitation plate, bronze plate, bronze, red copper, black titanium plate, colorful plate and other surface effects. Material is 201 or 304 stainless steel, high requirements for 316 stainless steel,

Although the production method of stainless steel screens is not from its truth, it is laser cutting, sheet metal processing, welding, surface treatment. However, the grid design of each stainless steel screen can be said to be a thousand varieties, and the design can be used according to the customer's requirements, and the use of the theme of the environment, so that the stainless steel screen is not only unique. It can also become a iconic product, just see the stainless steel of this style. The screen can be used to use the place.

Crazy metal stainless steel focus on star hotel, senior club, KTV, office building, real estate project, etc. Stainless steel decoration project

The first level is rich, the color is rich, the specifications are diverse, and the map can be sampled and customized, and the sample is taken.

Representative needed for UAE, Thailand.


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