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Application of stainless steel honeycomb panel in elevator industry

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

In elevator decoration, the application of etched stainless steel honeycomb panels is becoming more and more popular, replacing traditional bulky marble. Many developers choose to etch stainless steel honeycomb panels when choosing elevator decorative panels. It is not only easy to install, but also good in material. Both the size and the size can meet the elevator's demand for panels, and it has its own unique metal

beautification texture in terms of decoration and beautification.

Escalator stainless steel side sealing plate

Crazymetal etched stainless steel honeycomb panel is a chemical method to corrode various patterns on the surface of stainless steel. Using 8K mirror panel, wire drawing board, sandblasting board as the panel, after the etching treatment, the surface of the object is further processed, and the etching board can be processed with various complex processes such as partial patterning, wire drawing, gold embedding, and partial titanium gold. To achieve the effect of bright and dark patterns and brilliant colors.

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