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At 20:05 on December 18th, the preview of the independent fourth large locker is this link.html.txt1

In fact, the fourth is a re-enactment inspired by a medieval model. . I think many girls who love second-hand bags know the prototype. Most of the bags in the middle ages often use open edge beads. There is really no good open edge bead material in China. I am still choosing the open edge bead material of the leather factory for import, so I chose retro box leather after continuous trial editions. . The box leather I chose is the box leather from the French leather factory. The treatment of the French box leather is very different from that of Italy. The French box is finished with texture treatment and will not do any treatment on the leather surface, so the gloss and texture look It will be more natural, but there is no way to avoid growth lines, and of course it is easy to scratch, but because of the high-quality leather embryo of French calf, it will produce oil after use, making the scratches look more natural and beautiful. . This time I made a new caramel saddle leather. I think this retro style really cannot be without saddle leather, so I added it this time. There is r

eally nothing to say about saddle leather, and it is well-deserved. Wang, especially after use, the oil will come out automatically, and the luster and oily feeling of the whole skin will make people love it. But because this kind of skin is not shaved and uncoated, it is like a natural beauty, so you have to accept that it will have various natural blemishes without makeup. If you like clean and tidy, then I do not recommend this one. In fact, through continuous exploration and comparison, I found that I can buy imported leather with high cost performance for bags, but I really can’t use domestic leather. . I didn't deliberately make the semi-circular radian of the imported leather saddle, but the imported leather naturally has the radian of the edge and a sense of high gloss. . After you keep buying and comparing, you will find this feeling in my introduction. We still have a full set of stainless steel hardware. . Although stainless steel hardware often has a small after-sales service caused by inaccuracy in some small screw structures. However, the fineness of the overall embryo, the loss of electroplating, and the anti-oxidation ability are all excellent. Even if it is slow and expensive, I can only choose stainless steel. . We have also done shock treatment for this set of hardware, so the retro feel will be even better. . It is not as afraid of wear and tear as glossy surfaces. . Because the cover is curved, when the overall opening is large, it is normal for the outer long part to have wrinkles due to the principle of the inner and outer diameters. . Because the bag is three-dimensional, when we look at a bag, we have to look at some formed appearance states from the perspective of geometry and physics. Don't think that's the problem. These are all based on science and can be corrected. .Using "stainless steel honeycomb panel" as the base material, Crazy Metal has developed "stainless steel shaped walls, stainless steel hanging column, stainless steel partition chandeliers, and stainless steel DIY cabinets" suitable for high-end projects.

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