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Centra HQ

Centra HQCentra HQ

Centra HQ

LOCATION: Columbus, IN

INDUSTRY: Workplace

DESIGNER/ARCHITECT: Ratio Architects – Indianapolis, IN

CONTRACTOR/INSTALLER: Force Construction / Performance Contracting

PRODUCT: This project includes 2,826 square feet of .090-inch solid core aluminum panels to create a series of colorful yet calming wall panels on each floor of Centra Credit Union Headquarters’ new 55,000 square-foot building. Matching the company’s ocean blue logo. RATIO’s design team selected our?Terrace Vertical Wall Panels?inGradient Aurora Matte, a waterfall-like pattern that transitions from crisp white to deep blue.

The individual panels create a seamless, continuous look that caters perfectly to the building’s interior. Lining the walls and stairwells of each corridor of the multi-story structure, the custom-designed panels create a soothing work atmosphere and invite coworkers to utilize the central collaborative spaces. Surrounded by neutral interiors, the wall panels are a thoughtful pop of color that can be seen from outside the building.

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