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Chengdu Xuhui Plaza Sales Office Project area

Chengdu Xuhui Plaza Sales Office Project area: 800 m2Chengdu Xuhui Plaza Sales Office Project area: 800 m2Chengdu Xuhui Plaza Sales Office Project area: 800 m2

Hardcover design: WJID design

Processing unit: crazy Metal

Completion time: 2020/06

The ancient Greek Pythagorean school believed: "The most beautiful of all plane graphics is the circle." In China, the circle is also an important aesthetic element. The cave doors in the classical gardens and the quiet and elegant group fans all reveal the soft and smooth aesthetic pursuit of traditional Chinese culture. In the design of WJID's sales office in Chengdu Xuhui Plaza, circular elements can be seen everywhere, taking the common meaning of Chinese and Western cultures and the beauty of mutual appreciation.

Art installations are inspired by the free and ethereal graceful green smoke: they shuttle among the clouds and mist, flying over the land of Shu. In the same way, it is suspended in the air like a guardian, as if to protect the land of Shu. In order to allow visitors to enjoy the charm of the works, WJID deliberately created art installations to overlap and intersperse in the space, so that the viewers can be inside, appreciate and think about the entire art installation from different angles.

The dark blue art installation stretches in the space with graceful lines like silk, provokes people's eyes to flow, and their thoughts become agile. The aesthetics of sculpture, architecture, and space complement each other, making the art space look extraordinarily natural. The theme and extension of the installation are made of GFRP material, and the surface is painted with a blue and white artistic texture in oil painting. The magnificent installation is located in a roundabout space within the space, transforming into a familiar but magical world. .

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