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Color stainless steel decoration will become

Color stainless steel (trim steel) is produced by chemical or electrochemical treatment of stainless steel plate or stainless steel, so that a layer of transformed film is formed on the surface, producing a series of colors such as blue, gold, rose, green ...

Colored stainless steel (trimming steel) is chemically or electrochemically or electrochemically, which forms a layer of transformed film, produces blue, gold, rose, red, green, etc. It also increases the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of stainless steel products. With the improvement of people's living standards, stainless steel products have entered their daily lives, so stainless steel products are well received by users. Colored stainless steel (trimming steel) is suitable for the production of the building, the décor, the décor, the décor, and the production of daily necessities.

The biggest advantage of stainless steel is 100?ecovery, in line with environmental, energy saving, and resource-saving national strategies. my country's color stainless steel industry has continuously improved the level of national production level and consumption level in my country. In recent years, color stainless steel has been fully applied in various industries, providing a powerful support for my country's economic growth. It is expected that in 2020, my country's color stainless steel (grooming steel) will reach 46.187 million tons, and the market size will exceed 80 billion yuan.

National policy encourages the application of color stainless steel (decorative steel), in some areas, using color stainless steel (decorative steel) instead of ordinary stainless steel, not only beneficial to improve product quality, but also benefit resources. Therefore, the state encourages color stainless steel (trimming steel) in more areas. The expansion of the field of use provides a broader space for the industry development. During "13th Five-Year Plan", my country put forward new requirements and policy support for special metal materials. In the next five years, the color stainless steel industryDevelopment will usher in a new peak.

So, why do you say that the steel will become a beautiful artwork for the new era? Do you ask Xiaobian how do I see? To tell the truth, the colorful stainless steel decorative panel color is beautiful, it is a very good decorative material, used It is decorated, the colorful stainless steel plate is curved at 90 ° C, the color layer will not be damaged, can be used as a hall cover, ceiling, elevator, car board, architectural decoration, signboard, etc., color Stainless steel decorative panels are usually used on decorative wall.

?? Now, abroad has a large number of colored stainless steel products to do decoration on the building, and the color stainless steel decorative board has been popular. Domestic colored stainless steel decorative panels have both metallic and intensity, and have colors that have a long-lasting color. Color stainless steel decorative panels do not only maintain the physical, chemical, mechanical properties of primary color stainless steel, but also have stronger corrosion resistance than primary stainless steel. Therefore, since it has been in the 1970s, it has been widely used in the fields of building materials, chemicals, automotive, electronic industries, and arts and arts. Therefore, it is also the trend of the era.

Vacuum plating


If it seems that the color stainless steel plate is just a product, then in the new era of entering the "one way" economic industry chain, it will become a single-tree art. Therefore, in order to comply with the trend of the times, we have to explore a simple operation, advanced technology, advanced technology, suitable for large-scale colored stainless steel production technology, no matter how big your needs, we can meet your requirements, quality It is more guaranteed that five years do not fade, this is the core of Guang Zhaolong stainless steel has always been in the heart of business philosophy.

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