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Constant temperature and moist wine custom de

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I believe that the famous wine collector knows that the storage environment plays a vital role in the quality of the wine, and the wine generally requires specific temperature and humidity to store, so the wine cellar is the best choice for many wine collectors, and well-constructed wine cellar It is possible to ensure that the storage space provides the best temperature and humidity level, and helps to promote the fermentation of the wine. Today, the mad metal Xiaobian will share the strategy for the constant temperature and wet wine.

First, constant temperature and moist liquor customization requires a sufficient space, and space requires away from the heat source. Because the heat source affects the work of the wine cellar constant temperature and humidity, it is best to design in the cool place. After selecting a good location, it is possible to consider the most important constant thermostat installation conditions of the constant temperature and constant wet cellar. There are two constant temperature equipment, one is one of the integrated machines, and the noise of the body will be more in one machine. Low but prices will be more expensive. If there is environmental, drainage and thermostat external machines, mad metal small compulsory is recommended to give priority to the body.

After choosing the thermostat, it needs to be touched. The insulation materials are: extruded plates, polyurethane plates and overall foams. The general wine cellar is used by polyurethane plates. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose the overall foam, heat preservation better.

After that, I went to the choice of wine, the main material was mostly oak and stainless steel. You can also choose a mixed material like a constant temperature and constant wet wine in the crazy metal wine cabinet exhibition hall. The constant temperature and sorghum wine cellar in the crazy metal exhibition hall uses stainless steel main material oak and acrylic for the excipients. It looks more beautiful. Opportunities Welcome to visit the wine cabinet exhibition hall to be crazy.

▼ Crazy Metal Showroom Mixed Material Wine Cellar ▼

Finally, the lighting portion will be accompanied by heat according to the energy conservation of the law, which is recommended to choose from the low calorie, and the color temperature is preferably controlled around 2500-2800K. If you want to consult more detailed wine cellar custom solutions can contact crazy metal stainless steel, 16 years focus on wine cabinet customization, and now you can also provide drawing design and program customization.


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