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Count down the most interesting projects in Guangzhou in 2022! .html.txt111222333aaabbbaaaTimes·Fang

Opening time: officially opened on January 7, 2022 Construction area: 210,000㎡ Project features: Positioned as a "new gathering place for trendy art" Times·Fanghuali CR8 is the 210,000-square-meter Times·Fanghuali (Guangzhou) shopping center, which is a benchmark of smart complexes under Times Commercial. The Hanxi Changlong Station on the line is covered, with a total construction area of about 30,000 square meters. The project is positioned as a "new gathering place for trendy art", and strives to create an exquisite social field where multiculturalism crosses borders, blends and innovates.

The project aggregates more than 60% of the first popular brands in the first store, attracting many well-known trendy brands represented by Star Gathering Black Gold Store, TOP TOY, M STAND, COMMUNE, Zhiran, Kapok, Wentong Ice Room IP Store, Dagefan, etc. stationed. Before the opening of the project, the content innovation brand C-lab has been released. Through C-lab, tenants in the park are linked, and a "make friends" camping festival is created in the atrium on the third floor, providing consumers with rich scenes and content. At the same time, the Times Cloud Theater, which is independently operated by Times Commercial, will be unveiled in the first half of 2022. Tee Mall Outlet ParkUsing "stainless steel honeycomb panel" as the base material, Crazy Metal has developed "stainless steel shaped walls, stainless steel hanging column, stainless steel partition chandeliers, and stainless steel DIY cabinets" suitable for high-end projects.

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