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Crazy metal stainless steel color board has a

In modern stainless steel decoration, color stainless steel plate elevator is an important part. The decoration of the elevator door and the car also evolved from the original single white snow sandstust steel plate into the current color embossed, etched ...

In modern stainless steel decoration, color stainless steel plate elevator is an important part. The elevator door cover and the car are decorated from the original single white snow sandstake steel plate into the current color embossed board, etched the pattern plate and antique copper stainless steel plate, which places this place in the decoration? Crazy metal stainless steel to explain the most important points for you

Because the color stainless steel plate is mainly used for decorative renovation, it is especially important. When consumers are inspected, they need to be strictly checked, and there is a problem such as color difference, scratching, sand, peel marks in the surface.

Identify surface coloring process

Stainless steel surface coloring process affects the price of the price. Water-plated coloring: giving people unreal, not exquisite feelings, like spraying, will also produce wastewater pollution, low price. Vacuum plating coloring: relatively environmentally friendly, no toxic or contaminated substances, and the price is relatively high.

The surface of the color stainless steel plate is usually a protective film to ensure the finish of the surface and can avoid scratches from hard objects. Protective film in quality, for a long time, there will be powdering phenomena, it is difficult to tear open, or it will stick a lot of glue after the surface. When inspection, it is recommended to tear the quality of larger area to check the film.

The material commonly used in colorful stainless steel plates on the market has 201, 304, 316 and other models. In these models, 316 has the best corrosion resistance, and the worst is 201, and the price difference is also relatively large. Therefore, some bad merchants often use 201 instead of 304 and 316. There are also some merchants, which will use a water-plated process to replace the vacuum-plated coloring process, causing many architectural decoration projects to install stainless steel plates, the surface appears, rust and even break.

The above is a few main points for crazy metal stainless steel to summarize you. If you are looking for a professional stainless steel sheet manufacturer, please look for crazy metal stainless steel, experienced, quality assurance.

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