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Crazymetal stainless steel honeycomb panel, fire prevention and corrosion protection is not a proble

Regarding safety, the contractor is more concerned about the safety of the honeycomb panel against fire and corrosion. The combustion performance of the Crazymetal stainless steel honeycomb panel reaches GB-8624-A1. There is no need to worry about being burned. The design and materials of Wuhan stainless steel honeycomb panel have been carefully selected and calculated.

Crazymetal stainless steel honeycomb panel

The Crazymetal stainless steel honeycomb panel has a stainless steel panel on the top, and an aluminum honeycomb core in the middle. The aluminum honeycomb core is made of multiple layers of aluminum foil bonded together and spread out into a regular honeycomb shape. The aluminum honeycomb core used by our company has sharp and clear cell walls without burrs, and is suitable for bonding high-quality honeycomb cores to facing materials and other purposes. Durability performance is guaranteed. Fire prevention and corrosion protection are nothing.

Crazymetal stainless steel honeycomb panel

Crazymetal manufactures high-quality stainless steel honeycomb panels to give the contractor a more sense of security.

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