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Decorative design - perfect application of st

Stainless steel screen plays aesthetically pleasing in the decoration, with environmental, waterproof, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, weather changes, is high-grade decorative materials, bright surface and bright, beautiful shape, can meet customers ...

The stainless steel screen is not strange to everyone, the ancient buildings are used in the air of the wind. The so-called screen is also recorded. The name of the screen has been recorded during the Warring States Period, and the screen of the screen is traced back to the early days of the West Zhou, but at the time The name name is a screen, but it is called "". The screen can also be called "seat", which is a screen set after the Royal Block.

After a long development, the screen is popularized to the people, entered the usual people's home, and became an important component of ancient interior decoration. General large places, office spaces or some homes will be placed at the door to block your suffocation. This is also the most commonly used method of understanding the universal air at the door.

Good stainless steel screen is a practicality, appreciation, both artistic value and decorative function, modern screen has two types of Chinese screens and fashion screens, Chinese screens give people simple, elegant feelings, screen paintings Various patterns, under the craftsman, flowers and birds, the characters are vivid, the Chinese screen is mixed with Chinese furniture, showing elegant, quiet beauty. Fashion screen, whether material or design is very bold, novel, and often match Western furniture, presenting gorgeous feelings.

The wind and water in the screen is very prominent. Now use to do decorative embellishment. The status of the wind and water is getting out of the home auspicious carriage, and if the location is placed, its feng shui is not an estimate of the promotion of daily living and work learning.

For modern people, the stainless steel screens are more partitions. For example, when receiving guests, from the perspective of psychology, the screen can be separated from the noisy lobby, let the conversors have one Relatively independent space. The screen is used as an extremely practical Feng Shui mascot in Feng Shui, and it is not a elegant ornament in life.

Representative needed for UAE, Thailand.


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