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Fire-resistant stainless steel honeycomb panels escort your safety

The fire-resistant stainless steel honeycomb panel will be in service for many years. This durability means that it plays a major role in the development of a more sustainable society: improving energy efficiency, reducing pollution, and reducing the use of materials. In addition, the value of all alloying elements (not only nickel) provides a strong incentive to recover these materials and reuse them in the production of stainless steel at the end of the life of stainless steel products. In fact, stainless steel has the highest recycling rate among all materials. The only factor limiting the amount of stainless steel recycling is that so many stainless steel projects are still in use after many years.

Fire-resistant stainless steel honeycomb panel

Crazymetal fire-resistant stainless steel honeycomb panels lead innovation, environmental protection and artistic trends. We devote ourselves to every detail, every process, every piece of work, every work, which reflects the fine skills of craftsmanship, enjoys a noble life, tastes the best of art, we pursue art, we strive for exquisiteness, adhering to the brand and speaking The business philosophy of honesty, I believe that with the persistence and perseverance of metal products and Crazymetal's unremitting efforts, we will surely achieve the win-win goal of customer value and corporate brand value.


The fireproof grade of the fireproof stainless steel honeycomb panel has reached the national fireproof grade A1 standard. In addition to fire prevention, it also has the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation. Stainless steel honeycomb panel emits any gas harmful to the human body. It is easy to clean and can be recycled and reused . For your safety, please rest assured to install.

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