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Hanging Surfboards @ Westfield UTC

Hanging Surfboards @ Westfield UTCHanging Surfboards @ Westfield UTCHanging Surfboards @ Westfield UTC

Key Features:? ? 45 custom and historically significant hand-shaped surfboards spanning from the early 1920’s to modern day? ? Stainless steel cable suspension system

Less than a 15 minute drive from the world famous surf spot Black’s Beach, La Jolla’s Westfield UTC shopping center would not be complete without an homage to surf culture. California Sheet Metal was asked to create a way to hang 45 irreplaceable custom and historically significant surfboards representing 100 years of surfing — a unique task considering surfboards are specifically designed to slide through their environment. However, the custom cable system protects both the surfboards and people below throughout the five stories of surfboard adornment.Role



HKS Architect, Westfield Design




4545 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

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