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Horton Plaza Luminaries

Horton Plaza LuminariesHorton Plaza LuminariesHorton Plaza Luminaries

Key Features? ? 3D Modeled? ? CNC Laser Cut Angel Hair Finish Stainless Steel? ? Custom Fabrication? ? Acute Angles and Welding

Recently rebuilt to its early-1900s splendor, the 53,000 square foot public event space is highlighted by the eight rising spires of the multi-colored Luminaries — 23-foot-tall color-changing light sculptures. The Luminaries, fabricated from perforated stainless steel containing integrated LED lighting systems, contained multiple complex angles requiring full-scale modeling and layout to ensure the finished product could awe spectators with perfect lines and smooth concealed welds. The model and its base were then duplicated for the eight identical instances of the Luminaries.Role



Walker Macy


Echo Pacific


324 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101

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