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Hotel colorful stainless steel products, look

Four Chinese commonly used hotel colorful stainless steel products, in addition to these stainless steel screens, stainless steel gates, stainless steel racks, stainless steel lines, mad metal stainless steel companies also have many stainless steel products in the hotel, ...

The hotel is a very large location, and the high-end feeling is the decor from the hotel, and the color stainless steel products are essential products today, especially for some high-end hotels with modern themes. Colored stainless steel products More than a few days, and in addition to the aesthetics of themselves, the color stainless steel products are stainless steel because the raw materials are stainless steel, so corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and their own unique metal characteristics, let them have a longer use time, and take it. More convenient.

The hotel black titanium stainless steel lines, this stainless steel product is also called wave line, the main role is to inlaid to the ceiling, relative to pure white ceilings, the effect of color stainless steel lines is more beautiful, and this line mainly has European lines, bending, rounded process lines. As part of the sky, the same Gege is adjusted, beautiful.

The hotel has little stainless steel wine rack, how little wine has a wine, where wine is stored, and each hotel will definitely store a lot of wine, so the wine rack is definitely, so how the color stainless steel wine frame also affects the hotel Give people the first impression, the color stainless steel wine rack with its unique color, with the color of red wine, it is very beautiful, the hotel uses a color stainless steel wine rack, which is beautiful, practical, and cost-effective.

The hotel's color stainless steel door, the gate is the first impression of the hotel. At present, almost all modern hotels are installed in colored stainless steel rotation, which is almost the hotel's standard, and the color stainless steel door is so popular, mainly It is because it is usually made of mirror titanium (black gold, rose gold) board, then installs glass, so that the door is made, it is equivalent to a reflective lens decorative strip outside the glass, so it uses a color stainless steel door frame, Beautiful atmosphere. At the same time, the door cover that matches the color stainless steel doors also uses a color stainless steel plate to be bent, and the overall looks, the metal light is very high.

The hotel stainless steel screen, stainless steel screen is a kind of hotel decoration that has just happened in these years, which relative to the wooden screen, the structure is strong, and the surface is more reflective, it is easier to clean, and the installation is also more convenient. The color stainless steel screen is most commonly used in Chinese stainless steel grids made of stainless steel square, which can be used in the hall partition, restaurant partition, corridor ceiling, study room partition, conference room wall, bathroom partition, elevator aisle, etc. The color stainless steel screen can be customized according to the customer's requirements, and the high-grade stainless steel screen can choose a mirror stainless steel screen, which can choose a brushed stainless steel screen; the color can also be selected, the common color is mainly: white, rose gold, black gold, Champagne gold, bronze, etc.

The above four Chinese commonly used hotel color stainless steel products, in addition to these stainless steel screens, stainless steel gates, stainless steel racks, stainless steel lines, many stainless steel products are used in the hotel, but the product can not only improve the beauty of the product. And the color machining of the surface is like protecting the product as the protective film, so that the stainless steel products become more durable, it can be said to be a product integrating practical and decorative.

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