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How is the mirror effect of stainless steel

The mirror stainless steel is bright as mirror, there is stainless steel texture and features, is widely used, can be used in bathroom mirrors, TV wall, home wall decoration, hotel decoration, elevator panel, car decoration strip, etc.#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

The day before yesterday, Xiaobian introduced how the stainless steel surface craftsmanship made, this period shared another common surface treatment process for stainless steel.

First, talk to everyone, comparing the traditional mechanical mirror polishing method: first use the grinding machine to polish the surface, the purpose is to make the surface effect of the workpiece surface easily make mirror effects. The polishing is divided into two steps of roughness and fine grinding, first correcting the irregularities and rough surfaces to form, then fine mill to eliminate the grinding of the rough grinding surface, create a flat, bright, no The ideal polishing surface of traces, no bursher, no brakes, no metal interference, then polished the surface using a polishing wheel.

▼ Mirror Stainless Steel Display Cabinet ▼

In addition to mechanical polishing, a chemical solution can also be polished. That is, the workpiece is soaked in the polishing fluid, and the smooth and flat specular effect is obtained by chemically naturally dissolving the metal surface. This method uses although it is more efficient than mechanical polishing, it is slightly lower than mechanical mirror polishing, which is generally used to handle more complex workpieces.

▼ mirror stainless steel small sculpture ▼

Different mirror polishing treatment is different from the effects of stainless steel, each method has a thousand autumn. Crazy metal offers stainless steel mirror products customization services, various styles, to sample customization.


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