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How should stainless steel customs be maintai

The stainless steel is still corrosion resistance, which is still corroded because stainless steel is a very thin and finely chromium oxide film on the surface to prevent ooze oxidation of oxygen atoms. This layer is made because some reason ...#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

Stainless steel is now essentially mainstream decorative materials preferred by high-level venues such as higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance, but stainless steel is still corrosion, which is because stainless steel is A very thin and finely zero-rich oxide film on the surface to prevent infiltration of oxygen atoms. If some reason, this layer of chrome oxide film is destroyed, and stainless steel is also corroded. Therefore, stainless steel customs is also required to be maintained. Today, mad metal Xiaobian will introduce you to the correct cleaning methods and maintenance techniques of stainless steel customs.

Cleaning method for surface soil:

It is generally dusty, and the dust is cleaned up. It is recommended to use warm water to wipe it. If there is dirt on the surface, you can use soap with warm water to wipe clean. If the surface is stained with a sticker with bonded dirt, it can be easily erased using a weak detergent with warm water or using alcohol. Don't use the steel spherical or mesh rag to wipe, or wipe it with staining oil, which can cause surface fading and traces.

Cleaning method of surface grease:

Generally placing these places in the hotel restaurants will be more likely to leave oil fat and fingerprint, and the cleaning method is also very simple. First, use a paper towel to wipe clean, then use a neutral detergent or ammonia solution to wash, and then simply use detergent. Can wipe clean.

Surface slight rust cleaning method:

Some of the quality of stainless steel will be easier to rust. If there is rusty phenomenon on the surface, it is possible to use 10?itric acid or grinding detergent, and there is also a special wash drug in the market.

Other considerations:

Try to avoid being placed with hard objects to prevent collision, so as not to scratch, depressed. It is not advisable to make sunlight, so as not to fade, premature aging, and the coating falls off.

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