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How to buy high-quality fireproof stainless steel honeycomb panels

The development and application of fire-resistant stainless steel honeycomb panels has a history of more than 10 years. There are many manufacturers producing stainless steel honeycomb panels. However, the materials and production technologies used by various manufacturers are uneven, which leads to the quality of the stainless steel honeycomb panels in the market. Not uniform, so how to choose a good quality stainless steel honeycomb panel?

Whether the thickness of the kanban meets the standard, whether the color and the goods are aligned, to ensure that the stainless steel honeycomb panel does not appear delamination, cracks, corrosion pits, pine branch-like patterns, bubbles, slag, etc., straighten obvious roll marks, and allow slight oil marks, The area will not exceed 5%. Slight scratches and scratches are allowed, and the depth does not exceed 0.05mm.

Crazymetal fire-resistant stainless steel honeycomb panels take "quality·brand·service" as the driving force for development, and are determined to create a harmonious and healthy consumption environment for consumers. Together, they use quality to build their brand, achieve the future with responsibility, and provide society with more high-quality products. And diversified values, to establish the popularity and influence of national brands in domestic and foreign markets, and contribute our due strength to the development of China's economy.

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