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If the stainless steel mirror panel is scratc

If you don't care about 8K (mirror) board, how do you rescue? If the scratches are not very serious, when the mirror polishing is processed, it can take the grinding head by slowing the feed roller speed, and the scratch area is as best as possible.

If you don't care about 8K (mirror) board, how do you rescue? If the scratches are not very serious, when the mirror polishing is processed, it is possible to lower the grinding head by slow down the feed roller speed, and the scratch region is pulsed as much as possible.

It is generally understood that these cases occur in mirror stainless steel scratches:

The first is to scratch the sheet before processing; it is not obvious; this requires judgment of the severity of scratches. If the scratched area, the scratches have exceeded the customer's acceptance of the final finished product, then the sheets that meet the requirements should be re-exchanged, which is important to process the operator.

The second is that the sheet has been made of mirror processing, but in the process of being improperly scratched during the film. There are many kinds of scratches, such as point-shaped scratches, linear scratches, large area scratches. Dotted scratches, no matter the deep shallow, argon arc solder is soldered, and then grinded with a grinding machine, after polishing, then processed twice or more or more in the mirror polishing apparatus, it can basically solve this problem.

Stainless steel mirror panels if there is a scratch

If it is repaired in the bright surface, a polishing method can be used, and the polishing wheel of different destination can be used repeatedly. And generally use blasting method in matte, it takes special equipment. If it is a prior to drawing the wire, it also requires dedicated equipment processing, and whether the above method is used, it must be passivated the surface. The determination is a slight scratch, and if it is a mirror, the stainless steel plate surface can be polished with a polished wax.

Then it is linear scratches, that is, what we said. The processing of scratches is relatively difficult, and shallow scratches can be solved by the above method (slow down the feed roller speed, lowering the grinding head). Deep scratches are not easy to dispose. Lishun stainless steel suggests that you do our best to avoid the scratch area when machining and cutting mirror panel materials.

In addition, it is said that the scratches, scratches are scratched, and there are two shares of scratches, and the disposal is the same.

If it is a second scratched, it is more difficult. Because this secondary scratches should be avoided. It is recommended that you can reduce or avoid stainless steel mirror panel scratches: Plate surface stickers protective film, plates with wooden frame, plate up and lower pad or plastic plate, the whole with waterproof paper is packaged, in the panel or packaging surface Protect the panel, do not scratch the words ". Finding mirror stainless steel plate, if there is a scratch, according to the methods mentioned above, it can be basically available. If it is a semi-finished device, and the surface is scratched as the mirror, there is a need to use a variety of polishing devices; if the handheld polishing machine can be replaced with a plurality of polished wheels to achieve a better repair effect.

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