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Makers Quarter

Makers QuarterMakers QuarterMakers Quarter

Key Features:? ? .063 prefinished aluminum flush panels? ? 1/8” aluminum perforated panels? ? 1/8” aluminum rolling screens? ? Louvers

This six-story office building was designed and built to influence the future of office concepts within urban environments — showcasing how adaptable facades can respond to the complex needs of varying work cultures.

Rolling screens and perforated panels help fulfill the building’s goals: “The building utilizes active exterior elements that adapt to a wide range of personal preferences, all while optimizing its sustainable performance by responding to environmental conditions.”

We are proud to have contributed our creativity to this showcase building that hopes to be where the “city’s brightest minds come to live, work, play and create.”Role

Design - Assist


BNIM Architects


Hensel Phelps


845 15th Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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