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Mirror stainless steel plate processing needs

Mirror "refers to the surface state of stainless steel." Mirror "is usually" 8K "surface in stainless steel in the industry. The common mirror stainless steel is divided into three types of 6K, 8K, 10K in the market. Generally, ordinary polishing, general ...

"Mirror" refers to the surface state of stainless steel. "Mirror" is usually "8K" surface in stainless steel in the industry. The common mirror stainless steel is divided into three types of 4K, 8K, 10K in the market. Generally, ordinary polishing, ordinary 6k, refined grinding 8K, super strong grinding 10K effect. The same thickness is generally different, the 10k mirror is brighter; the thickness is, the better the effect, the higher the processing cost.

The melting point of the mirror stainless steel is mainly related to each of the components and content, and is independent of the surface. "Red" concept blurred. Various metals can see "red" when the environment is not very bright at 400 degrees Celsius. So "put the mirror stainless steel burning" about 400 degrees.

With the improvement of building decoration market decoration, the development of mirror stainless steel decoration is getting wider! However, the machining and installation methods of mirror stainless steel are varied, and there are several points in the construction site, especially those who have to pay attention to everyone.

1, pretreatment before curved plate

The mirror stainless steel decoration surface often occurs in the absence of surface wavy fluctuations, which affects the appearance, which has a lot of reasons for this phenomenon. The most people think that the material is too material, in fact, because there is no pretreatment before curved plate Resulting in. The curved board is a stainless steel plate to produce a hard non-plastic stretching at the bend. Any high-precision curved plate apparatus in the market has not yet been able to ensure that the curved plate is absolutely concentrated at the tool mouth, so that the bending plate The rear product is inconsistent with the stretch deformation near the bending extension line. The resulting stress is uneven in the plate surface, which causes the wave of undulation.

2, the seam cutting tool

Making mirror stainless steel doors and windows In addition to the high-door, axis, verticality, horizontal, horizontal, etc., the construction specificity is mainly on the construction of the seam, and is usually mainly the acceptance of Party A, which will mainly pay attention to this seam at the time of acceptance. The quality indicator requirements at the seam of the mirror stainless steel plate are:

(1) Maintaining consistency: gaps should be consistent on its extension line

(2) Sealing: The gap must be less than 0.5mm, and it is not visible to the naked eye.

(3) Pingness: The seam should ensure the flatness of the panel surface, and cannot be in the phenomenon of the mortar, not allowed to use the hard tool to make a knocking lead to deformation.

3, pay attention to the difference between the mirror stainless steel doors and window crossings and vertices

4, Use glass glue fitting seal

Mirror stainless steel doors and windows and glass are often sealed between glass glue, with workers who have skilled operational skills, do smoothing without waves and glossy installation effect, but also pay attention to:

(1) To match the material to mount the shape to select the size of the glass rubber nozzle, and cut into a 40 ° cutting with a sharp blade.

(2) When you get glue, pay attention to the storage of the rubber gun and the glass to keep the corner of about 60 °.

(3) Uniform force so that the glass glue is slowly extruded while keeping the glass nozzle move forward movement.

The mirror stainless steel plate finishes mounted in the above manner, the surface is clean, the seam is beautiful, the glass glue is flat, thus improving the quality of renovation

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