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Near the holiday, Crazymetal stainless steel honeycomb panels are rushing to work

As China's National Day is getting closer and closer, most of the stainless steel honeycomb panel projects are rushing to be completed years ago. The workers in the factory work overtime every day to ensure the quality of the customer’s order.

Stainless steel honeycomb panel

The emergence of stainless steel honeycomb panels was inspired by honeycombs. The resistance of the honeycomb structure to extrusion is much higher than that of any round or square. Honeycomb panels and honeycomb structure materials began to appear. Stainless steel honeycomb panels not only have excellent performance in large-scale and flatness, but also have many choices in terms of shape, surface treatment, color, and installation system. It has been popular in the market in recent years.

Stainless steel honeycomb panel

Workers in the Crazymetal stainless steel honeycomb panel workshop are in production, and every time they pass the workshop, they can see that they are working in an orderly manner. A stainless steel honeycomb panel has to go through 6 steps: 1. Planing V-groove of stainless steel plate 2. Bending of stainless steel plate 3. Gluing stainless steel panel and bottom plate 4. Aluminum honeycomb core 5. Cold pressing for 6 hours 6. Bending again . Each step requires close cooperation between workers, and none is indispensable.

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