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New Chinese stainless steel screen

Traditional Chinese style is atmospheric, gorgeous, and wooden furniture surface engraved many complicated beautiful patterns, artistic value. And modern people's life rhythm is accelerating, no longer pursuit of excessive decoration, showing the material itself ...

Traditional Chinese style is atmospheric, gorgeous, and wooden furniture surface engraved many complicated beautiful patterns, artistic value. The rhythm of modern people has accelerated, no longer pursuit of excessive decoration, which is more appreciated to the textures and functions displayed by the material itself. Therefore, in the new Chinese decorative style, the simple linear decoration is used in a large number of aesthetics, which is also in line with the traditional Chinese style, a rustic design concept.

The characteristics of new Chinese stainless steel decoration are often used as some modern materials as elements of Chinese traditional. Such as stainless steel carving to show classical patterns, titanium plated stainless steel grille grill. The Chinese gather is plays a very important role.

Chinese traditional decoration style is very particular to light and shadow, that is, the so-called spatial level of the sense. This idea is in the form of expression in the new Chinese decoration style: with different stainless steel screens, compact separation of the functional area. From "垭口" to the "Bogu" to "screen", it conveys this concept. The "soft" partition of space is guaranteed to pass through the privateness, which is intended to be in the style of Feng Shui in my country. The wind has a certain connection.

The process of Chinese gratic products is complicated and requires strict. Production of Chinese-style grate has a professional master, and its material mainly uses 201 stainless steel or 304. Chinese gratic in modern Chinese decoration has a novel expressive technique, which is the laser cut, vacuum titanium into a variety of colors, can be installed at the top of the aisle, the top of the booth, which is very modern Artistic sense. Its exquisite and unique, leading modern Chinese decoration trends. The whole feels fresh and natural, simple and generous, and thus the representative of Chinese culture integration into the decoration.

Crazy metal stainless steel advocated new Chinese style screens into modern style fashion elements, this style has maintained China's tradition, and has a sense of time, breaking through common disadvantages such as the traditional Chinese style. Also provide new options for numerous decoration projects.

Representative needed for UAE, Thailand.


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