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New environmentally friendly material stainless steel honeycomb panel

With the rapid development of the world, the research and development of stainless steel honeycomb panels has been advancing at the same time. With the support of other technologies, stainless steel honeycomb panels have once again made an outstanding breakthrough. That is our new type of surface treatment. Surface treatment of honeycomb panels for interior decoration.

Indoor stainless steel honeycomb panel decoration

The stainless steel honeycomb panel can be spray-painted after the composite is completed. The so-called spray-painting is actually to use our original spraying materials to paint the surface of the stainless steel plate, so that the surface can be spray-painted with any pattern, color, etc. Crazymetal is one of the important manufacturers of stainless steel honeycomb panels. We introduce new technologies in time to provide customers with better and better quality honeycomb panels.

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