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Brushed stainless steel is sold in the decorative plate, and as the development speed of modern machinery can be described as a thousand miles, the crafts of stainless steel wire drawing are also a variety of ways, many times we see the brushed stainless steel ...

Brushed stainless steel sells more hot in the decorative panel, and with the development speed of modern machinery, the process of stainless steel wire drawing is also a variety of techniques, many times, the brushed stainless steel we see can clearly show each subtle The migra, thus making the stainless steel matte, such as such a special filament line, but if it is fine, if it is fine, there will be no feeling even if you touch it. Brushed stainless steel is paying attention to the majority of users.

Brushed treatment process: In the process of metal pressure, the stainless steel is forced by the mold, the stainless steel cross-section area, and obtains the technical processing method of the desired shape and size.

Direct grain: The formation of the straight grain wire is to process linear texture in a mechanical friction of stainless steel surface, which is the simplest and rude in the brushed process.

Raw pattern: The ripple brushed wire is a random rigid that is formed by moving friction around the stainless steel before and after the stainless steel.

Wavy pattern: The corrugation is generally prepared on the brush machine or the wicker, and the axial movement of the upper grinding roller is used to brush on the metal surface to obtain a wave pattern.。

Compared with the stainless steel, the stainless steel wire drawing plate is more wear, if there is a very accurate requirement for the thickness of stainless steel, it is not recommended to use a draw surface treatment because the process will have a certain extent on the surface of the stainless steel substrate. The wear, the range of wear is approximately 0.05mm to 0.1mm; if it is another layer of stainless steel anti-fingerprint UV light oil, the corrosion resistance can be obtained twice.

Moreover, the designers will usually take a layer of colors in the wire, which is usually taken back to the brigade, and the scaffolding of the plating layer is full, which is more ornaable than the original stainless steel. The original metal texture, the brushed color stainless steel has more fashionable and technological sense, and the 3C digital products that have been in the trend front line have pushed the application of the brushed process in recent years to unprecedented climax, which is more in line with consumers. " Taste, and therefore gets more and more users' love and application

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