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Stainless steel, let the landscape play a new

The color of the landscape material acts in the advantages of stainless steel with its excellent corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and service life, and has been widely used in landscape engineering. We often see the stainless steel production in the landscape ...#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

- Stainless steel material characteristics - 1. Beautiful and available, with better plasticity

2. Durable, corrosion

3. High strength, so the possibility of thin plates

4. Easy to clean, easy to maintain

5. Good welding performance, easy to assemble

- Classification of stainless steel -

According to organizational structure

There are martial arts, austenitic, ferrite and double phase stainless steel.

2. According to the main chemical composition

Basically, two major systems with chromium stainless steel and chromium nickel stainless steel.

3. According to the purpose

There is nitrite stainless steel, stainless steel resistant steel, and sea-to-resistant steel.

4. Press the corrosion-resistant type

It can be divided into a resistant stainless steel, stainless stainless steel, and the corroded stainless steel.

5. Press functionally

Can be divided into non-magnetic stainless steel, easy to cut stainless steel, low temperature stainless steel, high strength stainless steel, etc.

- Stainless steel in the landscape design - 1. Stainless steel in pavingThe stainless steel material has a place in the pavement of the landscape design, although it is not common, but as long as it appears, it can basically put a landscape grade.

2. Stainless steel design in water

Water view is a designed focus in landscape design. When stainless steel meets water, different reflection states, so that the landscape presents unparalleled visual effect.

3. Stainless steel sculpture design

Stainless steel is used as a sculpture of the sculpture and is more common, but it is more difficult to use the familiar use of materials.

4. Other types of stainless steel design

Of course, the stainless steel material is generally used, regardless of the material of architectural performance, or part of the structure, or the brush or decorative object, can be designed in the dark design.


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