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Stainless steel screen features

Nowadays, the production process of stainless steel decoration screen is very mature. I believe that everyone will also find that there is no matter what the stainless steel decoration screen features, decorate some high-end places such as the mall hotel clutter, ...

Nowadays, the production process of stainless steel decoration screen is very mature. I believe that everyone will also find that no matter what site stainless steel decoration screen features, decorate some high-end places such as shopping mall hotel clutter, because the model is very rich and new Change, and more outstanding personality, fashion, and extravagance. Let's take a look at the features.

1. What are the characteristics of modern stainless steel decorative screen? Color can choose black titanium, antique copper rose gold, champagne gold, green dish, titanium, titanium (black titanium): rose gold, violet, bronze, green, gray, brown, purple, champagne gold, yellow crucible , Pink, rose red, black rose, sky blue, green, brown, titanium white.

Second, what is the picture of modern stainless steel decorative screen

1. Stainless steel partition built-in structure, reuse: all connections and fixation are completed interior of the product, and detachable, reuse. Wires can be made inside the frame. Do not use wallup, maintenance of wires, more convenient to replace, strong weak electric separation.

2. Stainless steel isolation soundproof, fire: built-in sealed strip, play a sound insulation, dustproof The partition system is all made up of the metal structure, and the stainless steel partition has a fire, moisture-proof, and corrosion resistance.

3. Stainless steel partition without pollution, no odor: you can use it immediately after installation.

4. Stainless steel partition supporting door, lock style flexible: can be used with frame glass door, frameless glass door, solid wood door, and can be made unique or double open door; the choice of door locks or other varies style

Third, what are the stainless steel decorative screen characteristics?

1. The rack-style living room is closed, the upper half is closed, the upper half is open or the transfrained Boji (commonly known as flower shelf), the shelf is displayed on the bonsai and crafts, which can create an artistic atmosphere, and other rooms in the room. Visually, if there is a hidden, it will actually work.

2, frame glass living room partition with wooden frame, aluminum alloy, stainless steel made frame, frame in the frame. This partition is characterized by the Richtha, which is suitable for a relatively large living room.

3, the curtain living room is partitioned by cloth curtains, bamboo curtains or beads living rooms, causing a simple feeling, both convenient, and more economical. Of course, the screen is also available to the living room.

Fourth, what are the characteristics of indoor stainless steel decorative screen

1. Decoration: Stainless steel screen can have a rich artistic shape, and the atmosphere, the decoration effect is obvious.

2, partitioning: It can be used as a studio separator, the living room is partitioned, and the door is separated from the segregation and surface decoration of the hotel's lobby.

3. If it is believed that the screen can improve the indoor environment through the indoor spatial interval, it also has this role.

5. Stainless steel decorative screen features do not produce corrosion, pixment, rust or wear, because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so it enables the structural components to permanently maintain the integrity of engineering design. It can meet the needs of architects and structural designers, maintain long-term durability. Brushed or mirrors can be made according to customer requirements, then the designation of the tone style, which makes it possible to meet the needs of customers.

Representative needed for UAE, Thailand.


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