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The honeycomb stainless steel plate custom project is looking at Shenzhen from a height: the scenery

Shenzhen Vientiane World’s curtain wall is a customized project of honeycomb stainless steel panels. China Resources Vientiane World has 230,000 square meters of commercial blocks and dozens of floors in height. The curtain wall made of Crazymetal stainless steel honeycomb panels stands high. The scenery remains unchanged. It's just an angle. Standing at a height overlooking Shenzhen, it feels different.

Honeycomb stainless steel panel custom curtain wall

In addition to the custom engineering of honeycomb stainless steel panels used in the curtain wall of Vientiane World, many escalators and elevator doors used in shopping malls are used. In addition to beautiful appearance and high flatness, users value the honeycomb stainless steel panels for their excellent fire resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion Performance: 1. The stainless steel honeycomb panel is composed of many dense honeycombs that are restrained by each other, like many small I-beams, which can disperse and bear the pressure from the direction of the panel, so that the force of the panel is uniform, and the strength of the pressure is guaranteed and the panel is relatively stable. Maintain a high level of flatness for large areas. 2. The surface adopts a pre-roll coating process, which is anti-oxidation, long-lasting discoloration, and no mildew or deformation in a humid environment. The product has a matching aluminum alloy keel, which is easy to install and save time and labor.

Honeycomb stainless steel plate customization

Crazymetal-the creator of high-end stainless steel honeycomb panels, customized honeycomb stainless steel panels have unique advantages: rich colors and surface texture effects, and outstanding performance that does not fade, crack and fall under long-term sunlight. The aging resistance and weather resistance of stainless steel honeycomb panels far exceed any other spray products. We only make fine products.

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