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The use of color stainless steel honeycomb panel

Crazymetal stainless steel honeycomb panels can be electroplated in various colors according to customer requirements. Colored stainless steel is vacuum electroplated with a layer of titanium gold ion film on the surface of stainless steel to show titanium gold, rose gold, black titanium, bronze, champagne gold, sapphire blue, purple red, etc. Many colors broke the traditional silver of stainless steel, enhanced the decorative beauty of the surface, and mainly enhanced the anti-rust ability of the surface.

Color stainless steel honeycomb panel

Similarly, the color stainless steel honeycomb panel makes people feel that it is no longer a cold silver, but a bright light color. Different colors of electroplating can show different decorative styles.

Color stainless steel honeycomb panels are widely used: buildings, curtain walls of high-rise buildings, hotel sound insulation, KTV, gymnasiums, cinemas, yacht decoration, partitions, subway stations, railway stations, public places, etc.

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