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Use stainless steel products to build hotels

With the development of the times, the original configuration of the hotel is also gradually old and old. Under the fierce market competition, we need to "re-get new students", in order to comply with the trend of the times, create a high-quality wine like a new era guest ...

With the development of the times, the original configuration of the hotel is also gradually old and old, and under the fierce market competition, we need "re-won the new life". In order to comply with the trend of the times, build a high-quality hotel like the new era guest, The hotel uses a fine stainless steel process to create a different new Chinese style, completing the sublimation of a reborn.

The hotel has a variety of style, no matter which stainless steel screen can show a harmonious beauty, the beauty of tranquility, disseviv's different charm in different space styles, so that the whole space is full of vitality and vitality, creating a welcome The rich atmosphere of the eight party.

Stainless steel elevator door, currently almost all modern hotels will be equipped with colored stainless steel door covers, which is almost the standard of the hotel, and the color stainless steel elevator door is so popular, mainly because it usually uses the mirror titanium ( Black gold, rose gold), then install the glass in the middle, so that the door is made, it is equivalent to a reflective lens decorative strip outside the glass, so it uses a color stainless steel door frame, beautiful atmosphere. At the same time, the door cover that matches the color stainless steel doors also uses a color stainless steel plate to be bent, and the overall looks, the metal light is very high.

Modern, stylish new Chinese style stainless steel wine cabinet, it gives people a simple, the feeling of the atmosphere! Especially suitable for high-end catering and hotel, it is a unique sense of distinguishing temperament, so that this noble temperament is full of fashion, the taste of stylish, new Chinese style is exuded everywhere. Of course, it is also a good choice to put such a wine cabinet.

The design is the soul of decoration and decoration. It is the foundation of the decoration and decoration. In the growing demand, today's today, the best thing will pass, the new style is constantly appearing and is accepted by people. It is such a personalized design that has made a colorful in the five-star hotel lobby.

The hotel's colored stainless steel products commonly used above, in addition to these stainless steel screens, stainless steel gates, stainless steel racks, stainless steel lines, many stainless steel products are used in the hotel, but the products can not only improve the beauty of the product, but also The color machining of itself will protect the product as the protective film, so that stainless steel products become more durable, it can be said to be a product integral with practicality and decorative.

Representative needed for UAE, Thailand.


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