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What are the precautions for installation of brushed stainless steel honeycomb panel? Brushed stai

Brushed stainless steel honeycomb panels have been widely used due to many advantages such as green, environmental protection, energy saving, light weight, high strength, and high rigidity. But brushed stainless steel honeycomb panels also have some problems that need attention, let us introduce them in detail:

   1. The floating connection can ensure the overall recovery ability of the honeycomb panel, avoid deformation of the stainless steel honeycomb panel, and avoid bulging or dents on the surface of the honeycomb panel.

2. Each part of the brushed stainless steel honeycomb panel requires scientific mechanical calculations. It is necessary to examine the effects of temperature, earthquake and wind pressure on the honeycomb panel from many aspects, and carefully check the embedded parts, connection systems, keel systems, panels and fasteners To ensure safety.

  3. Whether the composite face material has any reinforcement measures when removing the edges. Since the folded edge of the composite panel material only retains the thickness of the front panel, the thickness becomes thinner and the strength is reduced, so reliable reinforcement measures must be taken for the edge removal.

  4. The brushed stainless steel honeycomb plate fixing plate has a stabilizing effect on the installation plate. The inconsistent force of each plate fixing point will cause the surface material to deform and affect the exterior effect. Therefore, the fixed plate must be compressed and fixed at a fixed distance to ensure the stability of the surface of the stainless steel honeycomb plate.

   5. Whether the selection of materials meets the specifications, standards and design requirements.

   6. Whether the back of the brushed stainless steel honeycomb panel is reasonably equipped with stiffeners to increase the strength and rigidity of the panel. The arrangement distance of the ribs and the strength and rigidity of the ribs must meet the requirements to ensure the function and safety of the honeycomb panel.

  7. Nowadays, various construction materials are flooding the construction market, and the quality of the materials is also different. Selecting qualified materials is the basis for ensuring the quality of honeycomb panels, and strict inspection methods and methods must be adopted to ensure the quality of materials.

8. Is the waterproof sealing method reasonable? There are many kinds of waterproof sealing methods, such as structural waterproof, internal waterproof, and glue sealing. The price of different sealing methods is different. Choose a suitable sealing method in the project to ensure the function and Exterior effect.

The above is: "What are the precautions for installation of brushed stainless steel honeycomb panels?" For 10 years, CRAZY METAL has focused on customizing stainless steel honeycomb panels. Engineering applications are mainly divided into brushed stainless steel honeycomb panels, ceiling stainless steel honeycomb panels, and curtain wall stainless steel. For honeycomb panels, CRAZY METAL provides high-end customized R&D, design, production and sales. For more industry information, please follow us!

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