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What is the cause of color difference

Many color stainless steel plate manufacturers have continued to speed up costs during the production process to achieve higher yield; so the film is then thinner, the working time is reduced by the original conventional 1 hour to 10 minutes even ...

Many colored stainless steel plate manufacturers have reduced costs and continuously accelerate in production, to achieve higher production; the film layer is more thin and thinner, and the work is reduced from the original conventional 1 hour to more than 1,0 minutes. At the same time, due to the technical requirements of the working time, voltage, current, gas uniformity, etc. also reduce and unstable, and it is easy to produce the bonding force of the color film layer and the stainless steel surface, and the color is uneven. Adverse consequences, eventually leading to phenomena such as color difference, or even more severe film layers. At the same time, the water-plated stainless steel black and titanium plate also existence is too short in the current, voltage and work, and there will be many cases in which the real empty electric plating does not occur. The surface color film layer of the stainless steel plate is thin, and it may cause local, irregularly generated, oriental, irregularly generated by temperature, humidity, or even contact with temperature, humidity, or even contact with general chemical raw materials. Change phenomenon, and produce such a color change, it is impossible to pre-regain the degree and time. However, not all color differences are human, non-human cases, the cause of color difference in stainless steel plates is generally: First, the working gas is uneven in the furnace body, resulting in uneven gas, color difference, and color difference; The arc source is uncomfortable, causing the sputtering, no color difference, the third is exceeded the sputtering range, the color difference occurs; the fourth is a color difference after the fingerprint; in addition to the above case, the color difference is also heel temperature, furnace There is a relationship between the internal condition, the transfer of passengers, the batch, etc. Which color stainless steel plates can't be? First, the same board has a colored poor difference, and it is said that the part of the sheet is not fully reflected, and it is a thin layer. Second, the top-plane particles or small galvanized plated plates cannot be, and dust particles are scattered under the titanium layer, and it is said that the factory is not cleaned up to the surface of the stainless steel. Once again, the same batch of non-rust steel plate color difference is unpredictable, affecting the beauty of the decoration. At the end, the price of non-rustless steel plates cannot be, and the purchase of stainless steel plates should be in a reasonable price, the hard level of stainless steel is high, and once the quality of the formation of the product will cause difficult loss. Zhejiang Bohai Metal Specialty Industry Sales Sales Various Size Color Stainless Steel Plates, Steel Source from Baishang, Tai Steel, Lianzhong, Zhang Pu, Wine Steel and other large steel mills, and quality. The company has been rated as an excellent demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province for many years. Adhering to the service concept of "honesty and secretion, guarantees, enthusiastic service", providing customers with the highest quality products.

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