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What is the stainless steel etch plate in the

In the elevator decor, the application of stainless steel is getting more and more popular. Many developers choose stainless steel etch plates when choosing elevator decorative sheets. It not only can meet the elevator on the material and the size ...

In elevator decoration, stainless steel applications are increasingly popular, and many developers choose stainless steel etch plate when choosing elevator decorative sheets. It not only can meet the needs of the elevator on the material and the size. Decorative beautification also has its own unique beautification value.

The stainless steel etch plate is a method of chemistry by chemical surface by a stainless steel surface. After 8k mirror panels, draw sheets, blasting plates, after etching, the surface of the object is subjected to deep processing, the etch plate can carry out various complex processes such as partial sum pattern, brushed, insert, and topical titanium. Implement the image of the pattern and the color of color.

In architectural decoration, stainless steel etch plates are widely used. Especially in the elevator plate, the mirror panel used in general, in general, as the bottom plate of the elevator, and then processes the pattern pattern according to the needs of the desired, so that the overall effect produces three-dimensional effects, thereby reflecting its beautification value.

The installation of the elevator is still to consider its use value and safety performance. In modern society, a variety of decorative sheets are eight-speaking, there are many materials that have their own decorative value, but they are very good. It is difficult to meet the requirements, and there is a lot of harmful substances in the material that is very harmful to human health.

Stainless steel etching plate etched a variety of different pattern patterns, as well as different colors, so that the elevator space is no longer dull, dull, and is more vivid.

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