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Why is stainless steel customs

Why is the stainless steel custom product shipments for so long? Many customers have such questions. Today, I will take you to understand what the entire process made of stainless steel products is.#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

Why is the stainless steel customs shipping time for so long? Many customers have such questions. Today, I will take you what the whole process made by stainless steel customs is.

One. Preparation

After the customer's deposit, you will start the job. The materials that need to be used in the Metal Transaction Square. It is required to have a plate / pipe / accessory, and some need to do surface processing, faster time is two days. During this time, the office's designer is also deepening the drawings to ensure smooth workshop construction.

two. Open

The opening is based on the process requirements and size specifications, and the opening typically has several processes of laser / shear / cable, generally takes 2-3 days.

three. Welding molding

Welding molding involves a number of questions, with fewer conditions, at least two days, the first day welding, the second day, the semi-finished product is inspected, can we enter

four. Surface treatment

At least three days of time, to ensure that the color is stable, not fast, because when a color is plated, it is impossible to put another color, and the coating workshop needs to work in an orderly manner.

Fives. Shipping

After the customer pays the tail payment, it will start to pack the packaging car shipments. The time required to ship is based on the quantity, generally will be completed within one day.

Summary For customary stainless steel customs, normal time is generally around 10 to 15 days. A quality and guaranteed stainless steel customs is required to go to scrutinize, and crazy metal stainless steel provides stainless steel product customization.


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