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Taicang Feiliyun Mansion Project Sales Office

* Author: Shanghai (MOD) Ink Design Architectural Design


Category: Sales Office


Processing unit: Crazy Metal


Project address: Taicang, China


Completion time: 2020-08-26

The project is located next to Tianjing Lake in Taicang City. It is a three-story building built on a sloping ground. It was used as a sales display center in the early stage and a community activity center for community residents in the later stage. The designer hopes to uphold the design concept of green and environmental protection, achieve zero demolition and change the function of the space, and at the same time can "de-sales office" and do more WYSIWYG designs.

Complicated stainless steel lines are used in the space, and the designer uses a flowing arc shape to cross the limit of the height of the floor, creating a shuttle of large and small arched door openings. In the arc-shaped span space, the repeated arc-shaped hard-fitting design enriches the rhythm of the space

The use of stainless steel ultra-thin shaped wall makes the space more modern

Stainless steel imitation wood grain curved board with LED light strip

Processing time: 20 days, construction time: 15 days

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