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(Xiamen) Purchasing a large number of stainless steel honeycomb panels, Crazymetal is in production

Stainless steel honeycomb panels use high-strength stainless steel plates as the upper and lower panels, and the aluminum honeycomb core is cold-pressed and composited with stainless steel honeycomb panels. It is a high-end product among decorative materials. It has fire protection, environmental protection, noise prevention, heat insulation, and heat preservation. Composite structural materials, regular hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum foil microporous, breathing honeycomb panel, aluminum honeycomb panel structure with honeycomb structure as the sandwich aluminum foil core material is a major achievement of human bionics, greatly improving the stainless steel The service life and weight of honeycomb panels.

Stainless steel aluminum honeycomb panel application scope: ◆ Building appearance ◆ Railway station ◆ Airport terminal ◆ Concert hall ◆ Stadium ◆ Grand theater ◆ KTV, etc. ◆ Furniture ◆ Interior decoration

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