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Yan Design 大研设计 | Shimao Yunjin Sales Office.html.txt111222333aaabbbaaaProject Location | North Ardi

Hard Decoration Design | Shanghai Dayan Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. Interior Design | Shanghai Yan Design Consulting Co.,Ltd Party A Team | Li Heng, Wang Xiao, Li Jian Party A | Li Heng, Wang Xiao, Li Jian

Designers ︱ Du Lei, Qu Ping, Xu Lulu, Guo Qiufeng Designers | DuLei, Qu Ping, Xu Lulu, Guo QiufengUsing "stainless steel honeycomb panel" as the base material, Crazy Metal has developed "stainless steel shaped walls, stainless steel hanging column, stainless steel partition chandeliers, and stainless steel DIY cabinets" suitable for high-end projects.

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