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Environmental protection stainless steel honeycomb panels are more and more widely used

Crazymetal is an environmentally friendly stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturer. The stainless steel honeycomb panel adopts a "honeycomb sandwich" structure, and the surface is electroplated with anti-rust and anti-fingerprint treatment. High-strength stainless steel plate is used as a composite plate made of high-temperature and high-pressure composite production of surface, bottom plate and aluminum honeycomb core. The product series not only has excellent performance in large-scale and flatness, but also has many choices in terms of shape, surface treatment, color, equipment system and so on.

Environmental protection stainless steel honeycomb panel

For the modern construction industry with strict environmental protection requirements, using stainless steel honeycomb panels as processing materials for buildings is a good material choice in the new century. Its completely non-toxic green quality allows building materials manufacturers to process building materials. Eliminate unnecessary environmental protection procedures. Stainless steel honeycomb panel distance: The presentation of the stainless steel honeycomb panel distance breaks the traditional distance method. With its noble, fresh and airy style, it has won the market share of medium and high-level work spaces.

Environmental protection stainless steel honeycomb panel

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