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How to install the stainless steel water ripple ceiling.html.txt111222333aaabbbaaaLeave seams on the

After the stainless steel processing of the base plate, weld the fixed corner codes on the four sides, and fix them on the shed with self-tapping screws; The keel welding connects the processing of the stainless steel plate and the composite plate of the wind formwork in the form of a socket. This is used when the fire protection level is relatively high, and the facade cannot be used as a base plate, and a large plate surface is required to be block-shaped. QQ group 925078799, password? Open Sesame, add QQ2300665262 How to improve the level of project cost audit work? Do you know the difference between the four grades of engineering project managers A, B, C, and D? The difference between the first construction and the second constructionUsing "stainless steel honeycomb panel" as the base material, Crazy Metal has developed "stainless steel shaped walls, stainless steel hanging column, stainless steel partition chandeliers, and stainless steel DIY cabinets" suitable for high-end projects.

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