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Maotai Group and Crazy Metal Cooperation to c

In early July 2019, Maotai Group found a crazy metal to create a stainless steel wine cabinet wine cellar in which the wine branch exhibition hall established in Changsha.#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

Maotai wine is China's traditional specialty wine. One of the three major distilled wines in the world's three major distilled wine with Scotch, France Cognac, is also one of China's three famous wine "Mao Wujian". It is also the nasal ancestors of Dagu Sauce, has been more than 800 years.

Recently, Maotai Group found mad metal to create a stainless steel wine cabinet wine cellar in the exhibition hall established in Changsha.

In order to have a better understanding of crazy metal, Maotai first came to the exhibition hall in the crazy metal. Ricky, General Manager of Crazy Metal, led Maotai's manager and procurement visited the company's exhibition hall and wine cabinet production and processing factory and introduced the scale of crazy metal and custom wine cabinet, and finally Maotai's strength of crazy metal is highly recognized. And the two parties reached an agreement.

Subsequently, it was sent by Moutai, and the mad metal sent two designers who had many years of wine design experience to travel to Hunan Changsha for field investigation and design drawings. The project is provided by Maotai's designers, and the mad metal designer is deepened to its drawings. In this communication work of the two sides, the best optimal feasibility plan for stainless steel wine cabinet is found together.

After the two sides of the designer perfect the drawings, the mad metal is currently working according to the drawings, and both parties expressed their expectations. Through this cooperation, crazy metal is customized to customize this road on the wine cabinet.


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