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One of the most expensive buildings in the world: the Sophie Stadium, Los Angeles,$ 5 billion

The huge external shell of the Hollywood Park project.It has a very unique shape with the roof structure.Repertherous people's surging waves on the Pacific Coast of eight kilometers

Pores can be exceeded Composition of 35,000 anode aluminum oxide plates.Each aluminum plate has a unique geometric shape different.

This 288,000 square meter stadium,Designed by HKS.Using unprecedented design elements whether it is the open -air hall

Still the 360 -degree double display screen above the stadium

It has quickly attracted this building worldwide


Three spaces under the same roof

▲ The project consists of three parts 三 HKS Architects

The huge external shell of the Hollywood Park project. It has a very unique shape with the roof structure. Repertherous people's surging waves on the Pacific Coast of eight kilometers.Pores of the canopy consist of more than 35,000 anode aluminum oxide plates. Each aluminum plate has a unique geometric shape different.

HKS's Intensive Explration Research Lab (LINE). Developed dedicated calculation software.Used to generate the complex geometric shape of the panel. And build a large digital model.

Ingelwood is accepted to be equipped.Digital seals and key digital models to replace traditional drawings. This is also the first building project in the United States to adopt a digital model.This move not only ensures the accuracy of construction.At the same time, it also helps the project to implement according to the plan.


Buildings embedded in the ground and fifth facade

High Restrictions of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is one of the original design challenges of the project.But it has also achieved one of the most prominent features in the entire project:

The bottom of the venue is located under 30 meters of the existing ground.It is two to three times the depth of the same type of multi -purpose venue.

Part of the sinking design makes the stadium.Become an embedded building.The inspiration of the overall layout comes from Southern California.Unique architectural characteristics and geographical environment.The feeling of existing outdoor venues in the roof, stadium and hall.At the same time, it also provides the flexibility of the traditional dome stadium.

Southern California's unique climate conditions.It also achieved a stunning top design.Multi -pores are composed of more than 300 single -layer tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) panel.ETFE can not only reduce the absorption of heat in the sun. At the same time, the natural light is smooth and unobstructed. Enter the stadium and American Air Plaza. The indoor/outdoor space is transparent and bright and full of charm.

Another innovative move of the Los Angeles Sophie Stadium

It is an amazing visual feast for aviation passengers.LED system integrated by the roof of the stadium. Passengers who can enter and exit Los Angeles International Airport to the plane. Display images and videos. This also makes the roof of the Los Angeles Sophie Stadium. Become the largest display in the world.

▲ Roof analysis s HKS Architects

"The roof screen has become a business card in Los Angeles, which is overwhelming,"

Evans said "This is our excellent city display screen."

▲ Image of the roof at night © HKS Architects

03.Climate and indoor/outdoor experience

The open -air design of the stadium makes full use of it.Southern California's gentle climate conditions.Let the audience seem to be placed indoors and outdoor at the same time.The design guarantees the full flow of the air. It can maintain the natural linkage with the sky and the surroundings. At the same time, it can also cover the light and avoid rain. Whether it is walking in the wide hall.Still watch the competition in the seat.Even hot weather can be in the Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles.Enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Stadium and surrounding landscape buildings.What presents the results of the joint efforts of HKS and Studio-MLA.Passive ventilation and natural lighting of the stadium. They all use the position of the sun and the sea breeze all over the weather. Therefore, effectively adjust the micro -climate in the stadium.

▲ Structure analysis of the stands, passive ventilation © HKS Architects

04.Seismic design

Southern California is pleasant but also located on the earthquake zone.Have a certain earthquake risk. This is also the problem that the HKS design team needs to consider.Above the Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles. The surrounding roof is an independent structure. Supported by 37 huge anti -seismic columns.

The three sides of the roof are open.To ensure that sea breeze can circulate in the stadium. The roof and stadium, YouTube Theater and American Air Plaza. No connection with other subsidiaries.

Therefore, you can move independently to achieve the effect.

At the same time, surrounded by the stadium. A large "Earthquake Resistance and River" with a width of 3.65 meters and a depth of 30.5 meters deep to ensure the personal safety of the occurrence of earthquake disasters. If an earthquake occurs, The roof and the stadium move independently and is separated by a huge moat.

▲ Earthquake moat i nic lehoux

05.Digital Multimedia Entertainment

Los Angeles Sophie Stadium

Break the cutting edge of the digital era with sharp -tip technology. Use Samsung Infinity Screen 360 -degree double display screen. Bring a more exciting and more exciting event details to the fans on the scene.

▲ Facial s HKS Architects

▲ Sectional view s HKS Architects

Project name: Los Angeles Sophie Stadium

Designer: US HKS Architectural Design Company

Company website:

Contact email:

Project design & completion year: 2015-2021

Main creators: Lance Evans

Mark Timm, Katy Cagle, Amanda Trimble, Patrick McMahon, James WARTON, Chad SCheckel, Steve Bayne, Sean Huynh, Lakendra Clark "" "

Project address: Ingelwood, California, USA, USA

Building area: 288000 square meters

Photography copyright: nic lehoux

Landscape design: Studio-MLA

Structural design: Walter P. Moore

Mechanical and Electrical Design: Henderson Engineers

Customer: Stadco La, LLC

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