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SANFU Immersive Space Design: "∞" Life Laboratory for Young People | PUMP DESIGN.html.txt111222333aa

Fully open, borderless door, the store is located in the middle of the shopping mall, the original space is an L-shaped space with a ceiling height of 5m, a depth of 50-60m and a horizontal width of 63m. , billboards, gates, etc., based on the existing space conditions, Mr. Zhang Mo adopted a space layout strategy of breaking the whole into parts and activating multiple points. It enables customers to see the display in the store intuitively, and increases the attractiveness of the store to the aimless crowd. The overall use of transparent materials in the store weakens the sense of boundaries between various formats in the store. It needs to be carried in a clean and clear space to avoid "overwhelming guests". Use block-based props to display a variety of skin care and make-up products. Keep the space tidy, display uniformly, organize scattered objects in blocks, and optimize customer shopping experience. The inside of the color box in the front field is an infinite scene reflected by the mirror. Under the space-ground exchange box, some key pro

ducts in the store are placed on the box, which has the effect of wrapping the product in an infinite space, and also becomes a visual surprise in the store. The memory point subtly injects a futuristic atmosphere into the space to attract customers who come and go. Hot spots include manicure/live broadcast/rest space/scene display, multi-format connection, gathering related industrial formats, and constructing a leisure space integrating coffee, nail art, live broadcast, social networking and other functions. The audience of the brand is a young group who are bold, avant-garde and dare to choose new things. No breaking, no standing, the use of the Mobius ring gives people a glimpse of a new form beyond traditional retail, making every consumer eager to enter the inner space and break the edge of in-store cognition. The dynamic and unique circular space scheme meets the shopping needs of contemporary consumers. Part of the central hotspot area uses the material of the ring element to express the feeling of "new world", so that the whole space is constantly circulating new power. Maximize the interest of the space, form a central green island, gather people, increase the stay time of people in the store, and increase the exposure of products in the store. The center is set up for high-frequency and low-priced products to drive the flow of people, drive product sales, and at the same time achieve infield drainage and a one-stop shopping experience. The combination of stage-style individual display and inductive collective display is adopted to balance the balance of display and storage, highlighting the hot products of the season while maximizing the storage of furnishings in the store. Use popular products to drive customer flow to other items. Form a convergent commodity effect.Using "stainless steel honeycomb panel" as the base material, Crazy Metal has developed "stainless steel shaped walls, stainless steel hanging column, stainless steel partition chandeliers, and stainless steel DIY cabinets" suitable for high-end projects.

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