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Stainless steel lines + universal combination

The design of the house uses simple lines to hook the stainless steel lines of the space, the ultimate details and stainless steel metal elements, create a sense of space. The living room uses the design of the line, using stainless steel wire ...

The design of the house uses simple lines to outline the stainless steel line, the ultimate details and the stainless steel metal product element, create a sense of space.

The living room uses a line design, using the stainless steel line originally impact on people, making the living room more spacious and comfortable.

After the table, the stainless steel screen is designed to use stainless steel glass sliding doors, which will be separated by the kitchen and dining table, let the people who have the dining are not affected by the kitchen smog, and they are both beautiful and not space, which is convenient to pull.

The stairs are upward, combined with stainless steel lines and screens, both strengthening safety, and no beauty.

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Representative needed for UAE, Thailand.


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