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The crazy metal exhibition hall is upgraded,

The screen is a kind of furniture for ancient buildings in ancient buildings, which is generally furnished in the room, which is separated, beautified, wind wind, coordination. Today, its decorative features have far beyond its decorative ...

Recently, the crazy metal company exhibition hall conducted a small decoration ... new introduced several different styles of rust steel screen ... The entire exhibition hall is high ... The texture and role of metal screens ... The decoration and spatial transformation of the entire exhibition hall increased several grades. Below you come to broadcast the decoration upgrade of the exhibition hall for everyone ...

▼Various styles of screen entry▼

▼Professional installation team, reflecting details▼

▼The screen is installed▼

After the installation master worked for 5-6 hours, the audience has a total of 8 screen winds all installed. Xiaobian, I have witnessed these beautiful and textured screens, and I can't help it in my heart. I am sigh, the stainless steel screen is really his unique charm. The decoration and spatial feelings of the entire venue have been changed. It is no wonder that our drops have been called, and the metal industry is really love and hate ... hahaha. Here are the last installation renderings !!!! Don't just blink ...

Every one is a boutique

Every moment is so beautiful

Welcome everyone to visit and guide ~!


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