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UCSD Parking Structure

UCSD Parking StructureUCSD Parking StructureUCSD Parking Structure

Key Features? ? Perforated Aluminum Sunshades? ? Custom Stainless Mesh Canopies

When building a new parking structure for the Rebecca and John Moores UCSD Cancer Center, simply erecting a boxed concrete lot was not an option. The beautiful architecture of the cancer center needed to be complemented, but not overshadowed, by the rising form of the parking garage. Vertically oriented, perforated sunscreens in a florescent orange finish jettison out of the walls of the structure, adding a lively contrast as well as providing shelter from the elements to the vehicles contained within. Detailed metal work on the wings create visual breaks on the large vertical panels, while sweeping, Cascade Coil 16ga stainless steel canopies provide curves to soften the feel of the structure.Role



Studio E Architects




3855 Health Sciences Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037

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