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Which stainless steel screen is tangled or fu

This issue answers from three aspects of effect, process and prices.

The stainless steel screen of the spot weld can see the details of the interface, also known as some seam welding;

The full welding is stainless steel screen, the surface is not visible, and it is called seamless welding.

spot welding

Fully welded


The spot welding stainless steel screen is compared to the stainless steel screen, which is relatively easy. However, the welding technology requirements of the welding master are more mature, and the solder joints soldered by the masters of the technicians are better, and the interface will be better. It is strict, and the solder joint is also firm. However, it is not necessary to worry about the problem of spot welding stainless steel screen to remove the solder joint, and of course, it cannot be welded to the weight of the weight. If the weight is pressed, it is also the full welding process.

The solder joint is generally collected in the corner, and the front is not visible, and the welding is also reduced.

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