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Project Name: Changchun KTV Project

Project area: 1000m2

Application material: stainless steel mirror panel, stainless steel decorative strip, stainless steel floor line, stainless steel ornament

Completion time: January 18, 2016

Project address: Jilin Changchun

The programs introduced this material to express this spatial language. Metal network interleaves, overlapping production into sculptures, columns and arcade, making space not only elegant and solemn temperament, more light, transparent and fashionable. Stone collage of octagon, as a filament with a wire mesh, is also unlunged and detail. The AUSKA in the court, rotating the Trojan District, can be used as an entertainment area, and the line can be shaken into a "social tool." - Completely mobilized the interest of entertainment, jumping on a few pendings, sending microblogging, friends circle, not only adding customer experience, but also establishing the height of consumer singing, invisible for the project .

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Stainless steel 304 

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